Do you like driving? There are various world drives worth considering for anyone wishing to make a drive. To have the best drives it good to fast luxurious motor from 24 hour car rental. Avoid the usual boring road and enjoy a unique drive. Check out six of the world’s most extreme roads for a driving experience that really is like no other.


1. The longest road

For an epic road trip that requires no navigating, take the Pan-American highway: a one-street shot from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the USA to the southern tip of South America. The highway is 47,958 kilometers (29,800 mi) long and cuts through fourteen countries. Something to keep in mind when you pack: the highway passes through a globe’s worth of environments, from deserts to rainforests to snowy mountains.

2. The windiest road

Lombard Street in San Francisco is often, incorrectly, called the ‘steepest street in the world’. While not the steepest incline (we’ll get to that one later), the often-photographed Lombard Street is the windiest road in the world. A series of sharp switchbacks in this California neighborhood make this street a huge tourist attraction as well as a test of your car’s agility.

3. The highest road

Perched a top the mountains of Tibet is Semo La, the highest motorable pass in the world. The pass has been measured at 5,565 meters (18,258 feet) above sea level. The pass connects central Tibet to the western Chang Tang region. It’s mostly used when the southern, more popular, the pass is muddy and dangerous.

4. The shortest road

Ebenezer Place is so short that you’ll be well past it before you even realize you’ve found it. Located in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, the road is measured at a mini 2.06 meters (6 feet 9 inches) long. There is only one address on the street: the No. 1 Bistro, part of Mackays Hotel. If it weren’t for the one door needing an address, the road would be the junction of Union Street and River Street.

5. The lowest road

If the thought of driving along the world’s highest road gives you vertigo, try the world’s lowest: Highway 90 in Israel. A section of the highway runs past the Dead Sea at an elevation of 393 meters (1,289 feet) below sea level. This stretch of road is also home to several attractions, including Ein Gedi Spa and the Qumran Caves.

6. The steepest road

When New Zealand was first colonized by England, many of the cities were designed by planners still in London. Of course, it can be difficult to plan a city you’ve never visited and occasionally the plans did not take into account the geographic features of the land. It was one of these oversights that resulted inĀ  Baldwin Street: the steepest street in the world.

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